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MTL300 brings together functionality and advanced patented protection at a highly affordable price.


Ideal for both residential and business properties, this is a locking system that integrates with various locking products and provides a variety of keying options and master key capabilities that will address your diverse needs.

To get the correct measurement for your cylinder, you need the length from either end to the centre of the cylinder, signified by the screw hole. You should be able to measure the cylinder while it is in the door, though to get more accurate measurements taking it out of the door would be better.

Please see the diagram for a visual aid. The overall length of the cylinder should equal the two measurements together. For half-euro cylinder's, measure the one side and add 10mm.

MTL300 Cylinder Diagram.png

MTL300 Break Secure® XP is a retrofit anti-snap cylinder, offering consumers complete peace of mind against all forms of cylinder attack, With patent protected technology and a patented key it is ideal for any PVCu or composite front, porch, conservatory or rear door.

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